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All the Chances We Took


Songs shared over sleepless nights, desperate glances, and pledges to Pickle-sama. For the moments we've faced together and those we wish we could have faced together. These are the tunes of our family.

  • The Bitter End by Placebo
    Whose hand is that?!
  • Putting On The Ritz(80's) by Taco
    Luke, why is that wig styled with hot glue?
  • The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon
  • I'm Blue Dubstep Remix by -OMNI-
    Deanna: "Gankutsuou was bad. Very, very bad. And Garrett was blue. Very, very blue."
  • SORRY, SORRY by Super Junior
    Deanna: What's this black spot on my Noel dress? Liz: Sorry, sorry, sorry.
  • Ring Ding Dong FULL MP3 by SHINee
    Fantastic Elastic. Nuf Said.
  • Will Go On by Celine Dion
    Sing it with me now: At Kung malayo ka man Puso ko ay kasama sa tuwina At kung malayo ka na Tumingin ka sa langit sa tala ay humiling...
  • Come On, Come On by Smash Mouth
    Today at Portal Productions...
  • Hammer to Fall by Queen
    Dedicated to Sarah's breasts.
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