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fall of house cousland

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"Greed and the flames consumed everything. When night bled into morning, the smoke from the castle's charred corpse blackened the rising sun until it was nothing but a smear of soot across the sky.

By the time the last ember cooled, there were no more Couslands in Highever."

  • Thedas Love Theme Dragon Age Inquisition Soundtrack by Paul Echazu
  • Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby by Sally Tarek
  • 01 Flight to Compound by Madison Gate Records
  • Breaching the Walls by CalvinKong
  • The Road to Masysaf by xmaryread
  • Marital Sabotage/Not In Blood, But in Bone by Sherlock Holmes
  • Bulgarian Voices & Orchestra by Thematic
  • The Host of Seraphim by Lazarus Dreams
  • Hit Girl Drives Home by Dingo1906
  • Interstellar by Dario Marianelli
    "Evey Reborn"
  • OST The Hunger Games Soundtrack by Rue's Fairwell
  • RJ0FQovU0Ws Hans Zimmer by Youtube
    "Solomon" - Hans Zimmer, 12 Years a Slave
12 tracks
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