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and death will be our darlin'


"He didn’t think either of them had any other end but a bloody one, their only fate to be tossed in the same shallow grave. He could picture it clearly: their bodies entwined the way they were now, the skin and muscle rotting away until they were just dirt and skeleton, their finger bones mixed together, their ribcages interlocked – only to be discovered centuries in the future by other explorers, still looking for his buried treasure. Instead this was all they’d ever find: two men, together in the earth."

notes: season 4/post-treasure island
inspired by 'st. augustine is that way' by vowelinthug (aka the oranges fic that ruined my life)
read it here @ archiveofourown.org/works/7890004

cover art by kambarbay ♥

13 tracks
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freakin lord huron and roo panes in the same mix, are you tRYING to kill me? or just make me use up all my tissues .......anyway yeah this is amazing, and so is your taste in music. that cover of cosmic love sounds soooo much like them?? if you get what i mean?? and that cover of the mohicans soundtrack sounds just like bear mccreary's work i mean wow what a choice, also i cried, like, three times. thanks for that

@kambarbay [loud yelling] thank u so much babe!!!! and yeah uh im in love with that cover of last of the mohicans.. its pretty much always been my 'theme' for them lmao im so emo [lies down]

like i was cool, i was fine, i was keeping it all together, AND THEN A COVER OF COSMIC LOVE?? THE MOST ROMANTIC SONG EVER WRITTEN?? i'm dead and my corpse is weeping