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1 comment on the beautiful genius

I feel like You is the most Amy&Kieren song ever. I've definitely dubbed it Amy's song in my head, but then I saw a gifset of Amy and Kieren to the lyrics "If you must die sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life's best part" and I've officially lost it. This show (and specifically Amy) have ruined me, and your mix helps and hurts in all the best ways.
Also, I can totally see why you say Amelia is the most important song of the mix. It's fabulous and fits her so well.

Oh, hey, thanks for such an elaborated comment! I find it interesting that you think of "You" as an Amy&Kieren song. To be quite honest, I see it more as a goodbye from all the three of them - Kieren, Simon and Philip. The only song of the mix that made me think "OH MY GOD, KIEREN AND AMY!!!!" was Friend Like You. Actually, every song by a female vocalist is meant to be in her point of view and the others match the boys'. Anyway, I'm glad you've enjoyed this, even though it hurts. ♡