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Slow Start to a Slow Day


A mix to help ease the transition from waking up to getting through your day. Enjoy the sounds of The Paper Kites, Tycho, MGMT and Little May.

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  • Hide (Official Video) by Little May
  • Electric Feel (Gespleu Downcast Edit) || MGMT Cover by Henry Green
  • War With Heaven (Catching Flies Remix) by Louis M^ttrs
  • Breathe This Air (ft. Purity Ring) by John Hopkins
  • Waves That Rolled You Under (Backstroke Remix) by mkb8
  • Tycho by Awake
6 tracks
3 comments on Slow Start to a Slow Day

Thanks! I appreciate the love and glad you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together! I'm still in the process of deciding whether to make playlists weekly that are around 10 songs long, or just add songs to existing playlists to make it longer since I run it in conjunction with my blog.

What do you think?

I think the weekly playlists is great idea. (Personally) I think it would be easier to know where a specific batch of songs are instead of having to listen to an older playlist and wait for them to come up with the whole issue of limited skips...if that makes sense? :)