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we all sin for a price

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What a beautiful mix! I just can't help myself, I keep replaying it till I reach the limit for one day, and come back the next. It's been a while that I obsessed over a mix that much, lol. Good work, really.

@Naudiz Thank you! This mean like a lot, really. It's such a great feeling to share your vision and find such a response. Please, do keep listening to it:)

I'm about 6 tracks into this and I really love it already. Stand out tracks so far are "Wild Side" and "At The Bottom".

@LodgeWitch oh thank you! these two are my favourite for Cullen! check, also, Hero Of War by Rise Against, i regret not adding it here, added it to the https://8tracks.com/ohmydearme/hero-of-war instead))