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To Crappy Oikawa with love, I guess.

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I love this playlist with my soul, didnt skip a single song, practically cried when A Love Like War started playing because I love ATL on top of me realizing its a perfect song for these two. I'm in love with this playlist and the fact I know/like every song on its a huge plus. It's so Iwaizumi it hurts!!

First first. I really love the title it's so….Iwaizumi. LOL. I imagine Iwa-chan doing something like this tho? Like making a mix for Oikawa so this idea is really nice. I expected all the songs to be soft, slow songs about loving someone forever and all that love talk but NO it was the opposite. But I think these songs suit Iwaizumi more like "I'm not including in shitty sappy love songs." So yeah I really like this mix. Annotations are very nice I freaking love annotations. I think you really got Iwa-chan's character down through these songs haha. Thanks for a great mix~

I absolutely love everything about the mix. To start with, the title was really interesting and that's why I listened to it in the first place. But as the mix continued on I found that the songs just work REALLY well for them. Also I really like that you included annotations. Great job on this mix!! ♥