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deep in the pockets of his knee-sprung trousers


The smaller of the two—but not by much—was a sloppy blond boy, rosy-cheeked and gum-chewing, with a relentlessly cheery demeanor and his fists thrust deep in the pockets of his knee-sprung trousers. He wore the same jacket every day, a shapeless brown tweed that was frayed at the elbows and short in the sleeves, and his sandy hair was parted on the left, so a long forelock fell over one bespectacled eye. Bunny Corcoran was his name, Bunny being somehow short for Edmund.

A/N: This particular mix I ordered with certain awareness of just how Bunny is perceived throughout the story. It begins with erratic, lively songs to match his loquacious demeanor and gradually gains a heavier feel, much to an uncanny similarity of his demise.
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