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the same color of gray, intelligent and calm


"If I found the twins so fascinating, I think it was because there was something a tiny bit inexplicable about them, something I was often on the verge of grasping but never quite did.

Side by side, they were very much alike, in similarity less of lineament than of manner and bearing, a correspondence of gesture which bounced and echoed between them so that a blink seemed to reverberate, moments later, in a twitch of the other’s eyelid. Their eyes were the same color of gray, intelligent and calm."

A/N: In this collection, I've gathered songs that explore the non platonic adoration the Macaulay twins possess for one another.
tumblr: http://ohrossum.tumblr.com/post/128981419040/the-secret-history-fanmixes-camilla-and-charles

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