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the luna


a mix for a women more wolf then girl, skin that threatens to burst and the forest cooing softly in her ear, beckoning her to become her true form and hunt through the night. but by day she must hide in clothing and idle chat before she can be free by the sunset.

a shewolf mix.

11 tracks
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The Amanda Seyfried cover of "L'il Red Riding Hood" gave me chills. One of my new favorite songs, for sure. This mix is amazing!

I don't really understand why the Bastille song is on this mix, but otherwise it's perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I've listened to it four times in the last week.

because I love that song and I made the song for me to write to, as well as the idea I was going for was an angsty kind of mix. a pissed of girl that's tired of not being able to control herself and just wants everyone to leave her alone.