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to be next to your bones


— ❝ he wears the smell of blood and death like a perfume. there is a fire in his eyes and ice in his veins, but you love him anyway. for he is a star, burning with the light of a thousand suns. and your world is dark without him. ❞

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Can I ask which couple this is? The quote and the playlist is very interesting so I want to know more about the couple. Thanks.

@gozde08tr It's is a couple comprised of two original characters, James Barrow and Camila De Gonia. You can find more about Barrow here (http://clonewrites.tumblr.com/tagged/c:%20james%20christopher%20barrow) and about Camila here (http://renrps.tumblr.com/tagged/camila). As for them as a couple, you can check out their OTP tags (http://clonewrites.tumblr.com/tagged/otp:%20to%20be%20next%20to%20your%20bones & http://renrps.tumblr.com/tagged/otp:%20to%20be%20next%20to%20your%20bones), as well as two of my other playlists, 'Kings & Queens' and 'They Think My Lover is Strange' c: