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i can't stand this pain


at this point i don't even care if i live or die. i would be better dead. no one cares and neither do i. fuck everything. i even failed at trying to kill myself. what the hell is wrong with me?

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On medication, trying to get out of this dark hole but I feel that I never will.. My boyfriend is my only support and sometimes I feel he is going to get tired and leave like everyone else has. My heart just hurts so much...

This playlist has helped me a lot. Not completely but it's helped me from oding and slitting my wrist so deep I bleed to death. But I still hurting but it is helping.

Please do not try to kill yourself!!! PLEASE!! I may not know you, but I know that you have reasons to live and if you don't know what those are right now, you will soon! Btw, i love your playlist! Stay strong!!

Dont think that no one is caring. you are not alone and even if I don't know you, I care. I want you to be happy. Everything is going to be okay, trust me. Always keep fighting. And thanks for this amazing playlist!