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Pop Perfection


realized at some point if you're depressed pop music is kinda like, very good for that. i think i have a specific taste for sparkly, bright, transcendent, not necessarily about sex kind of pop music. probably comes from being the age i was in the 2000s. TRL, newlyweds: nick and jessica, all that.

these are perfect pop songs to me. they range from the early '70s to last month. the mix skews female because women make better music. i think what makes a perfect pop song is an exact 50/50 combination of meaninglessness and powerful emotion. I would GREATLY appreciate suggestions in the comments, esp with explanations!

Other tracks by Kylie Minogue, the B-52s, and more.

image: literally a perfect photo of Madonna by Steven Klein, an outtake of the Confessions sessions (2005)

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