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The Modern Tarot


The Classic Tarot deck is divided into two families of cards:

The Minor Arcana - 56 cards consisting of suited & court cards (e.g. the king of cups, the two of pentacles)
The Major Arcana - 22 of the deck's most legendary cards & iconic illustrations (e.g. temperance, the lovers, the tower)

This mix re-interprets the Major Arcana through song - 22 songs which feature a central, enigmatic, symbolically loaded subject. A popular interpretation of the MA goes that "The Fool," card 0, makes his way through the MA from 1-21, from "The Magician" to "The World," as a metaphor for life's journey from ignorance to enlightenment. This mix tells a story of its own.

with songs from Patti Smith, Björk, and Sufjan Stevens

image: Gustav Klimt, 'Judith I' (detail, 1901)

21 tracks
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