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the way to dawn


because let's face it, they're basically married

(or riku is married to sora and sora just wants to travel and meet new people because that was the entire plot of ddd)

tracklist; http://saccarines.tumblr.com/post/98529756713/0athk33per-the-way-to-dawn-listen-here-1

13 tracks
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This was GREAT because I'd hear the song and think "Oh yeah the lyrics really match up to ~this game" and then I'd see the annotation and it would confirm it and idk it was a really nice touch and I'll probably use that in the future. Amazing mix btw thank you for this

@thefirst Oh, thank you so much ////// ! I don't tend to use the annotation function because I feel like it might interfere with how people might place the songs in their own opinions, so I'm glad you think they match up well!!! And again, thank you!!!!!