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Study Like an Asian


Need some motivation for finals? This chill, upbeat playlist will keep you focused with tracks from Midnight City, Coldplay, and John Mayer. Good luck!

14 tracks
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I'm Asian and I do not find this racist at all. o__o I actually love all these artists to be honest. It just made me laugh when I saw the title of the mix.

Haha I'm Asian and I can tell you that not all Asians study like mad (and sadly I don't fit into that stereotype). Great playlist btw!

Sure it's racist, but it's funny... Why even bother arguing if it is or not, who cares, it was meant to be funny. Why does the rest of the world need to know that you were offended? You don't have a right not to be offended, shut up and move on. Sometimes things that are funny are offensive to people without senses of humour. And really, you think any Asian person is going to cry themselves to sleep because the world only see's him as an industrious smart person? It's using a racial stereotype... so? People with half a brain can discern between what is light hearted silliness and genuine hateful speech.