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8 comments on awakening

I was a little skeptical going in, but my mind has been blown! Instrumentals do character so much justice that I feel lyrics just cant convey! Best kylo playlist ever!!!

@okada if you have a Spotify account, could you possibly make a copy of this playlist on Spotify? I can't afford to subscribe to 8tracks, but I love listening to this playlist, and I can't unless it's free. It's totally fine if you can't or won't, it was just an idea! This is still one of the best compiled playlists I've ever heard!

@Blue Butterfly Day This comment is coming a million years late, but after struggling to make Spotify work on my ancient computer (and realizing that half the songs aren't even available on there, boo), I put together a YouTube playlist of this mix- hopefully that will at least make it readily available :) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK4mX5yu3gUdMDFzEIA0WC7iTxRBBODO1

@kitschiekatie Thank you! I figured out pretty early on that I couldn't do the character justice using anything but instrumentals. I'm glad you enjoyed it!