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The ruler and the killer

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WOAH woah...... This mix is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I just have to tell you and gush about it. It was such a good experience to listen to and the tracklist fits Light Yagami so well. It's so intense, eerie and has this kind of gritty vibe. I'll be listening to this several more times. Thanks so much for sharing.

@IzWhizz28 omg...thank you so much!! im really glad that you liked it,and took the time to comment. i did this fanmix like three years ago but i remember spending time on it to get light's character right,so seeing people still liking it makes me very happy!

@okarin oh yeah totally!!!! i really love the vibe you've created omg. it builds such a good picture of Light, i've raved about this mix on my tumblr haha it's one of my favourites