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6 comments on worthless

Blessed be my fellow suicide sexy bitch time to get off that route to dead end n to the party waiting for us w the spirits like ours non judging all loving blesses be baby

Get out of hospital n show them no brainwashing bs religion nor law will be what u fear .. They r all fear based n a slave . Be a free spirit throw ur fun crazy but stable no what's up bitches self lol .. Please

They r sicker then u by having u be there purpose .. Selfish people .. Fuck them n rule them but most of all rule the world

The void is a place where it's black cold scary alone with no music and u have no hands no mouth but ur aware n want to scream .. This is where some go that hurry art u can't hurry art it's a gift and it's time to show the world your piece of art cus ur not done don't rush ,, we have forever in after