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the sort of mix i can just relax to // I took the past few months to reflect on my life a bit. Once in awhile it gets overwhelming; thinking of university in just a year. Where will I go? What will I take? Will I even get in? So, this mix is a compilation of songs I always come back to at the end of the day, just to take a break from reality.

update 2016.08.30: hey yall it feels great to come back to this playlist after awhile. I'm heading off to university in a couple of days, living on rez and all that good stuff. It's been such a struggle in high school but I'm glad I pulled through and did my best. if i can come thru, so can u guys (-: thnx so much

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hey good luck on your path(?) to university and to being an adult! it's a scary thing but best of luck! hope life doesn't get too hard on you!! this playlist is absolutely beautiful tbh. !!! have a good day!!!

i so relate to the caption; love the songs you picked :') - they definitely provide the escape from the stress of reality!!