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Apocalypse dreams


I wanted to take my chance for the "best of 2012 mix challenge", but i never owned any facebook account (i'm a loser). Then i can't win. So i made it for fun. And i swear you will listen to the best of 2012.
Jason Lytle appears twice. Because.
In spite of their band name, Theodore, Paul et Gabriel is a girl band. And despite the fact that they sing in English, they are French. As well as SoKo. And The Limiñanas too.

(photo by Nishe : http://www.flickr.com/photos/nishe/8161736233/ )

12 tracks
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Oh yes, Crystal Anis, the whole album of The Limiñanas, is close to perfection. One of the best albums I've listened to this year. And Salvation is such a good tune. I'm really glad that someone else loves it that much!
And i'm happy that you liked the rest of this mixtape. "Stellar"... This qualifier pleases me a lot. I finally haven't lost everything in this pointless "best of 2012 mix challenge"... Thank you so much!