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Midnight in Paris


Ten tracks to lead you into an old Paris, around the 1930's, a Paris full of melancholy, sadness and rain, but also full of sunshine, smiles, "valse musette", "java", and accordion.

(photograph : Arletty and Louis Jouvet in "Hôtel du Nord", directed by Marcel Carné, released in 1938)

10 tracks
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Terrific. We just got back from France (Normandy, Brittany, and Paris) and this brought me right back again. Thanks.

Yes, I adore Woody Allen films. Though i'm not really familiar with French music, I noticed that the music from the film seemed more American.
I love discovering new music, and I think I've found a new liking for old French music! Thanks for sharing this wonderful mix.

Yes, it has been inspired by that film. I'm glad that you noticed it!

Woody Allen still is one of my favourite filmmakers. And I loved his last film and its concept. I also love its music, but Woody Allen mainly chose (great) American jazz tunes/songs from the 20's/30's, and not a lot of French and Parisian songs from that time. But it perfectly fits with his film. I just wanted to go on with his idea with real French songs about Paris, mostly from the 30's because the recordings are better than in the 20's.

Except the 4th song, "La complainte de Mackie", by Florelle, which is the French adaptation of a German song written by Berthold Brecht and composed by Kurt Weil for their theatrical play, "Die Dreigroschenoper" (aka "L'opéra de quat' sous" in French, and "The Threepenny Opera" in English), turned into a movie by Georg Wilhelm Pabst in 1931. This song is more famous under its English title, "Mack the Knife", which became a great jazz standard. But I really like that old French version.