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Grillby's Diner Jukebox


The second time you hear it you don't think ‘oh, someone’s playing Megalovania again’ you think ‘Megalovania is a lot LONGER than I thought’...

( Based on this post http://lapisapphire.tumblr.com/post/134695054005/larsvontrierofficial-marblecantus - This is a pure shitpost. )

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@torigoat yeah, I didn't realize until I checked how long the song would be and noticed the was more than one.

I love you for putting in a Mulaney reference. Thanks for the good/bad time! (^_~)/ And my bro said it was okay, he said you're cool. =]

I just git my brother to listen to your playlist, and by the time Bonetrousle stopped and Megolovania started again he freaked out! 8D It was the funniest thing I've seen and then he asks me to stop playing it. He made thru 7 plays of Megolvnia. (-w-)b

@Phan_panda49 For years Dr. Alphys has wondered, can you make a brother weep tears of joy by playing Bonetrousle and the answer is yes, you can. As long as it is proceed by 6 Megalovanias. (But, I'm glad you enjoy! Tell your brother I'm sorry for causes him such pain.)