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{LONDON} The best city on earth.

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Ahh I was there with her for my first time too lol. Well with her and her family. I will prob be seeing you in Jan as well! We were talking about a London trip after the holidays since she is singing in a band on New Years haha. Cali is pretty wonderful, and i've had a blast here so far. Now to get our company off the ground so maybe we can eventually end up in wonderful London.

Yeah that Hallett sure knows her way around foggy London town. I've been west coast dreaming for a while now so I'm crossing my fingers. Good luck with your company and keep that fabulous tunes coming!

I believe this is true. Just listening to some of your mixes I was like "oh myy, this person loves the same exact music as me" It's rare to find a musical soul mate, especially since most people listen to mainstream rubbish on the radio and can't truly critique a song other then saying "it's good". And if I could I'd move to London like tomorrow haha. Been there last winter for the first time and it stole my heart. One day I will live there. But for now Cali is pretty rad. Sorry for the rambling btw.

Agreed on the music and London front. My first visit was in January with the fabulous TJ Hallett as my roomie and guide and that place changed my life. So much so that I'm spending another 5,000+ to go back again January 2012. Hoping I'll be getting my PhD in Cali though so I support your geographic choices :)