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This playlist starts with a lot of Indie Japanese music and slowly turns into Jrock and then it turns into like Jpop or something idk
(Mix for a friend who has only listened to a little Japanese music)

Ill keep adding to the playlist as I think of stuff

((((Art by omocat))))
-On/off - twin boys; good harmonies
- "Hologram" by Nico Touches the Walls
- "A.S.A.P" by Emi Maria
-Nana Mizuki (BAE)

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38 tracks
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@momentary thank you so much! Yes, I hope to make more playlists because I see a lack of 8ttacks playlists with the kinda music I like thank youuu

@Naegami ah yay!! I didn't know people were interested in that I'll think of that in future playlists !! o w o a lot of my fave artists aren't apart of anime ehe

aaahhh its so nice to find playlists of japanese music that isnt just the most popular anime openings and endings!!

This has seriously been one of the best mixes i've had the luck to stumble upon in 8tracks. The moment i heard unravel i knew it was going to be a great mix (ノ)´∀`(ヾ) there were a lot of bands i didnt know and that i loved and also many songs which i hadn't heard in a loooong while so it was a big nostalgia trip omg

so yea. i pretty much loved this, thank u so much for sharing! ( ´◡`)

@kusari thank you so muchhh!! Honestly that's how it felt making the playlist, one big nostalgia trip ehe.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I hope to make more playlists with unknown artists bc they really deserve attention~