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The Side Effects of Life (A Fall 2010 OMacacoAquatico Mix)


13 more tracks you won't stream elsewhere on the web. But what the heck?!? George Jones swearing flaming revenge in the Starday masterpiece they won't let you hear? The Watts Prophets venerating Jazz’ greatest saxophonist amidst a positively passive paean to the ghetto? Kristin Hersh's debut-declaration of teen-schizophrenia as her true throwing muse? Krautrock’s and Industrials' greatest names kaleidoscopically warping minds and pulses? Hear these and more tales of sin & redemption here.

13 tracks
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That's right nice o' you, Lonesome. I see I got some amblin' to do amidst your amber waves of musical grain. I'll be wander yonder soon.

Yeah, it extends what they included only as an excerpt on their debut record. Have you not heard that record, Cody? If not, 1) I'm surprised and 2) don't delay - it is WAY up your alley!