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United States of Distemperature (April 2011)


Thirteen tracks including several songs I've been obsessing about as the world goes to hell lately. Don't wait till 2012 to hear them - it may be TOO LATE! I leave you to guess which those favorites are among numerous other great songs that have heretofore been unstreamable. An hour-long genre-orgy featuring The The, Rat At Rat R and Laurie Anderson among other crackpot-geniuses.

13 tracks
4 comments on United States of Distemperature (April 2011)

You know, when I compiled this playlist five years ago, amidst and inspired by worldwide social discord, I kinda naively imagined things could only get better from there. What a sucker, though! As this interminable American presidential election plods on it's clear that people's capacity to overconsume, horse and contempt other people is inexhaustible. How not to be disgusted?

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAWW!! Danged iffin't this ain't a good 'un. Been too long since I been on this here interweb domain, tell you what. GIDDIE-UP!!

Immediately after posting my comment, the Rat At Rat R song popped up, and I love it. Essences of the Minutemen with a little more time on their hands, and perhaps Karate.

Aquatico, I haven't made it to the Rat At Rat R track yet, but I gotta tell ya', this mix has been right up my alley since the get go. Once again, I am reminded that for as much as I know, I still know nothing.