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in the spirit of crushes and upcoming holidays used to suck money out of ppl that make single ppl bitter, here is a mix that will for sure get ur crush to bang u or whatever (or your money back!!!)

not really bc you didn't pay sorry

annotations included !!!!!!

  • Like a Virgin by Madonna
    just bc ur a virgin doesn't mean ur bad at sex tho
  • Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang) by DavidMcCarthy (Gildragon)
    when u have sex ur actually just doing as nature intended so like don't hold back
  • Hypnotized by Plies feat. Akon
    "but babe... yo bod has me hypnotized" plshavesexwithme
  • The lonely Island by The Lonely Island
    tbh nothing sexier than premature ejactulation
  • FER SURE by The Medic Droid Official
    brings out the emo in me aka makes for some crazy sex
  • The Periodic Table Song (In Order) by VVkimmikVV
    learning all of the words to this will make panties dropped guaranteed
  • Banana Phone by Allan Delon 1
    always sets the mood ;)
  • Yakko's World by Richard Stone
8 tracks
1 comment on mix for ur crush

This goes hard af! Just like my crushes junk as I played this without breaking eye contact across the room! Five stars, would recommend to everyone.