Omniscient Trees
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the abyss Gazed Also Into Me, And Saw nothing


a mix for mikuni oriko as in Hieronym's PMMM fic, To the Stars.

//Before her, she saw a girl lying on the floor, another girl weeping over the other. They were magical girls, and the one on the floor was clad in heavily‐bloodstained white, a crumpled white hat lying at her side until it wasn't, gone in a flash of light. In her hand were the shattered remains of a soul gem.

Ryouko felt a gust of wind, and realized that Yuma had lunged right through her, at the demon behind her. She wasn’t really there. She was only an observer.

And then a movement caught her eye.

Ryouko looked down, at the dead magical girl. Had the corpse… moved?

She couldn’t tell, but she had the disturbing feeling that the dead girl was watching her, somehow.//


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