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galaxie 少女

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@kcbrill The background image is a still of a gif that did not have a source! It was just a gif with the image glitching in several different colors. The ESNO track is titled "Airy Batida" and is available on Youtube. I believe the ESNO EP it is featured on is available online-- I hope this helps... I'm sorry for not being able to give a clear source!

@kcbrill AH my mistake this ESNO track is not Airy Batida that is a different track. I believe this is titled "Dusk Parallelism"! It's been a while hahhh ;;

@OmoriGirl Thank you for answering my question. I'm really happy I can finally download that track. And I think it's cool how that sweet feeling background has such a mysterious origin... Thanks again!

it really is! when i heard it i thought "i want to make a mix based on this type of sound", and this was the final product! thanks so much, i'm glad you like it!