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thoughtful retrospective.


for when you're solving your science homework, doing math problems, or trying to pick through a question, let this music accompany you.

from some of the more iconic mystery and puzzle games, carefully chosen. each song will be labeled with it's respective game. i suggest that you check them all out as they tell very moving stories...

please enjoy.

8 tracks
5 comments on thoughtful retrospective.

ahhh,this brings so many memories!i only wish it wasn't so short,but the best things r brief,so thanku for sharing this piece of u with us ♥

@flyingstaplers If you're referring to Dangan Ronpas Beautiful dead, I completely understand. I forget DR even existed sometimes lmao but that song was the best song from the series hands down

I really love this mix and I listen to it everynoght when I do homework. It's very calming and comfortable to listen too. Great job putting it together!