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Cultus Of The Flesh

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Hey. Not to sound like a queer or anything but oh fuck I love you! Can I have your babies? Bring them down to the overpass, it'll be fun!!

& thanks for turning me on to Wooden Stake!!!!!!! (seriously, !!)

You are welcome Sir!! That' the kind of comments i need. For sure you're deep into music and thats the way is has to be. I think it's time to create a baby on duewets together! Fucking darkness forever my friend!!

The Log in for Duewets is:
Username or e-mail : Duewets
Password: duewets
I just created a new mix for us. The title is yours and mine profile name. Load up the first track. Let's see what happens! But maybe it's better to contact us for conversation on email or LastFM or whatever?