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On The Road


Twelve tracks including music by:

Eric Burdon, Terry Reid and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

This was not ment to be a road mix in the first place.
So there are less "typical road-songs". Anyway, I'm drawn to the distant.

10 tracks
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Hey 8tracks-Vienna! @waxwing hat mich nicht vergessen :-) @aunt13: Yeah I am a big Scott H. Biram fan... For more Scott H. check out some of @KentGowran's mixes!
Thx @Btrxz for having this following your DueWets' Sisters In Kaos!

No.. I just skipped all songs.. and Free Bird is only once. Don't know why it was played twice in your case. Maybe the 8tracks servers are overloaded by Road-mixes in spring^^ And thx for your inclined ears

Hey dude! Didn't think that you're so fast.. But you were the first of my fav.-8tracks fellows I thought on making this mix.