Here's the thing about DownTempo: It's the kind of music that makes you feel cool when you listen to it.
The kind that makes you feel like you were a movie-star.
The kind of music you need to drive fast to.
The kind of music you need to walk slow to.
The kind that makes you snap your neck, swing your hips, grimace with pleasure, and lick something gorgeous.

You know the kind and, if you don't, don't bother contacting me, we probably won't have much else in common.

...I'll play some ChillOut to make you calm and thoughtful,
...and offer some TripHop to keep you on your toes.

Good any time of day with tea, cocktails, or sushi, wherever appropriate.

Oh yeah, and I like DEEP, TECH HOUSE... pretty much all the time.

What else...
Um, I don't want to make any enemies but, honestly, I think dub step is stupid. As a genre. Really. I don't get it.
Just sayin'.

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