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love. relax. sleep.

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This mix really helped me think about a lot of things. mostly drama with boys. We're all human, and all we've got is each other to rely on. Hey sure some of us are strangers, but we're all connected in some sort of way. I just wish things were perfect. oh, wow that sounds tacky, but it needs to be said because thats how I bet most people feel.
Life isnt perfect though. For some reason we are givin emotions, but these emotions take us places and are the only things that teach us. It's not right to kill yourself when someone breaks up with you because then thats the end, no do-overs, not second chances.
^^^ I came up with this all while I was listening to this mix. :) I hope others like it too.

I commented on my love of this playlist before but i really do love it, i keep putting it on and it just makes everything balanced again. <3