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SnowBaz: Into The Sun


I'm in love with him.
And he likes this better than fighting.

The musical journey of Simon and Baz from Rainbow Rowell's "Carry On" :)

tracks are chronologically listed here :) -

13 tracks
4 comments on SnowBaz: Into The Sun

oh my goodness i love this so much! You put so much thought and effort into this playlist, it makes me so happy. I freaking love this fandom so much. I also have to say that if this book ever becomes a movie, Truce has to be a credit song:) good job on the playlist!

Oh my gosh you must have spent so much time on this it's so amazing. The songs you chose were quite lovely and I loved how you picked out the exact part of each song to match quotes from the book. I had to jump up and go read them every time a new song came on. This was so great I could honestly just listen to it over and over again and it fits their relationship so perfectly and it's so good. Thank you for making this!

@MactabilisNepenthes YES, it was totally my intention for people listening to this to go and re-read the parts :D Thank you so much for your kind words, I am so so glad you enjoy the playlist :)