Hey! It's Only Megan...

I'm: a pianist/perhaps a little over-enthusiastically friendly/the one in the corner with the fringe.

I spend most of my time: writing/wearing plaid/making cups of tea and then forgetting about them.

My music tastes are: indie/rock/past the point of being edgy and firmly in bizarre-territory (clues to this include my Spotify playlists entitled "German Indie-Rap" and "Australian Hip Hop").

In addition to music, I'm a fan of: Shakespeare/ant-eaters/discussing movies in an unnecessary amount of detail for something that's fictional.

You might like my mixes if you: need writing inspiration/are a fan of the X-Men/like black and white cover art.

...But they might not be for you if you: dislike indie music/need long mixes for studying/think that people who use black and white cover art are trying a little too hard to be arty (don't worry, so do I).

And before you go, I just wanted to say: enjoy the music/live long and prosper/I love your shoes.

TOP TAGS panic! at the disco, Metric, Twenty One Pilots, Lana Del Rey, tmnt

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