Only Megan...
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And You're Gonna Need A Crew As Nuts As You Are! ... So Who've You Got In Mind?


Executing the perfect heist is far from easy, even if you're part of Ocean's charming rag-tag bunch of con artists, thieves and sharply dressed swindlers. But with the right crew and the right song, who knows what you can do...
From the record player in Saul's conservatory and Linus' stolen iPod, to the blaring radio in Turk's truck and the cassette collection in Livingston's (Mother's) basement, there's one song beloved by each character because it makes them feel just a little bit badass.

Includes artists like Johnny Cash, Arctic Monkeys and Nina Simone. Like what you hear? Check out Machine Gun Raffle by skyblueballoon - the mix that inspired this one.

11 tracks
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