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I've been having WIN feels, because it ended and like I am currently rewatching all the episodes from one to nine, and completely avoiding episode 10 cause I love both teams so freaking much.
So as of Oct. 29 this playlist does not have any of the songs in Episode 10.

11.02.13: I added the songs from Episode 10

**I can't find some of the songs ;; so I apologize, and I stuck the JYP Trainee rap in there because it's just so good~

  • [YGWIN] Team A by Heart Attack
  • Turn All The Lights On by [YGWIN] TEAM B
  • [DOWNLOAD][MP3] Song Minho by Oh!
  • YG WIN Team A 2nd Battle Song by Officially Missing You
  • TEAM B (WIN: Who Is Next) by Baby
  • Winnin' (Self by [DOWNLOAD][MP3] Team B
  • Go Up (Team A) by WIN
  • Dragon by G
8 tracks
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