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the beat goes round and round


A union of cowards to make a brave knight
Mix for the Inquisitorius and their Grand Inquisitor. Playing with the theme of freedom in moderation, unity in compromise and corruption of faith (as you do).

Footnotes: Expect metaphors. I love 'em. Ah, important: I figure a Grand Inquisitor's familial/monastic role is "The Parent" to their Inquisi-lings.

15 tracks
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Wow. This is so good. The songs fit so well, the atmosphere is great, and I've discovered a bunch of new bands I love! It's a crime that this has so few listens and likes

@LittleMissMad Thank you, this means the world to me! I feel the Inquisitorius, in general, is a very undervalued part of the SW universe, so...appropriate, I guess? lol