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Through the Mountains of Tamriel.


A mix containing instrumentals for travelling Skyrim. Through the snow storms, caves, and frigid waters. For each dragon battle and each drop of blood shed during.

Songs to compliment Tamriel's beauty and a warrior's heart. (from multiple soundtracks and instrumentals)

32 tracks
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I love listening to this whilst playing Skyrim it's so beautiful, and the bard covers are especially stunning! Thanks for putting this together :)

@Foenixfire I'm glad you like it (: I also turn down my game music and listen to this instead sometimes! The Bard covers are done by Malukah, you can find her other covers and songs on Youtube under Malufenix! Thanks for the comment (:

@kidsyo I prefer long playlists when I'm listening to mixes on 8tracks, so that's how I did my own (: I also like to turn down the in-game music volume when I play skyrim and listen to this instead so since it's 2 and a half hours I don't need to worry about changing it or starting a new mix (:

@lenamorrigan.corvus I absolutely love them as well! I believe the girl that sings them goes by Melka and she does a bunch of covers from other games like Mass Effect and even Halo (: glad you like it!!

@OpalWorg @lenamorrigan.corvus Her actual name is Judith de los Santos, for extra information, and I agree, her covers are excellent. Perhaps I should make a playlist containing all her songs she has uploaded to YouTube? And now that I think of it Jeremy Soule's Ancient Stones sounds like it may have come from The Settlers Heritage of Kings.