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Buddha's Ringtones II


Another instrumental tracklist to help you focus and clear your mind of busy thoughts. Break out the coffee and study guides, get yourself focused at work, whatever it is you gotta do and need to block out distractions. Starts out mellow, builds you up, and ends with a sassy finish.

Buddha's Ringtones: http://8tracks.com/oraelo/buddha-s-ringtones

20 tracks
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This mix is unbelievable!!! Where do you find these type of tracks? Also, have you heard of Stellardrone? He's an artist you might be interested in :)

@pkmob Haha thank you! I do a lot of searching through places like YouTube and Spotify. They've got tons of similar artist and song suggestions for music I'm already listening to. It takes some time, but definitely worth it to find the good ones! Haven't heard of Stellardrone, I'll check him out!