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Of The Same Constellation


2 sided fanmix of Bones and Jim, from 5 (+2) artists
a.k.a the "hey, why not put 2 songs for the same artist, one for the Captain, and one for the Doctor" +2 compulsory Mckirk songs for every playlists.

TUMBLR LINK (more description) http://orenjimaru.tumblr.com/post/63258619691/of-the-same-constellation-a-2-sided-mckirk

12 tracks
2 comments on Of The Same Constellation

Even without going to your tumblr (I follow so I remember seeing this on my dash) I can totally infer the context and it's sad and awesome and ahhhh McKirk

ahhh hello followerrrr, and ahh yess, there's so many songs I wanted to put as "music that reminds me of McKirk and MADE ME CRY BECAUSE FEELS" so I kind of just put everything in it ojfksdjkdf

the saddest one IMO is the Woodkid ones tho because they remind me of STID ;A;

and that FUN. song in the end is a nice close to it (I think) since it's Bones to Jim song after he's back ;w;

What a great idea! I didn't even realize I was listening to this (8tracks is just going through all the McKirk mixes). Yellow is what caught my attention -- what a great song for Jim. I'll have to listen to this whole thing again & pay more attention.

helloo! yes, Yellow has been one of my main McKirk song forever *A*)b
make sure you check out the tumblr page as well because I mixed everysong not about them, but rather what they feel about each other \o/ (BTW, Bones' Woodkid song is totally that heartbreaking scene from STID ;D)

thanks for listening!