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ska picks by some weenie


Okay, zach, so I made this playlist. It has a bunch of famous artists that will come up on pandora if you search ska, but it also has beebs, survay says, and 3 minute hero. I don't have any goldfinger, less than jake, or a lot of other people on it either. I'll save that for another playlist. Definitely look up dr worm by they might be giants though.

  • This Gigantic Robot Kills (featuring Suburban Legends and the MC Bat Commander) by MC Lars
    this song is so good and it talks about a lot of ska bands so i put it first
  • Miss Kaptain Kangaroo by Beebs and Her Money Makers
    This is my favorite bahmm song and this is off their most recent album. Kaitlyn thinks their previous version of this song was better, but she can suck a dick. Go listen to jumpin and watch the music video.
  • Down, Down, Down to Mephisto’s Cafe by Streetlight Manifesto
    streetlight manifesto is nearly my favorite ska band. I love streetlight to death and back.
  • I Aim To Misbehave (BRAND NEW SINGLE New Album Out April 8th) by Survay Says!
    I saw these guys live and they were fantastic. My favorite part about them are their lyrics. I love their lyrics and super relate to a bunch of them.
  • Super Rad by Aquabats
    Aquabats. You had to have seen it coming. I put mcbc in the first song on the playlist. Yeah. Super rad. Super optimistic ska happy songs. Upbeat and positive!
  • Come On Eileen by Save Ferris
    aw yeah, give me that lady lead vocal.
  • The Old School Off the Bright by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    the might mighty bosstones are a big name in 3rd wave ska and i felt like this list would be lacking without them, speaking of lacking, go listen to dr worm by they might be giants, it's super important and i couldnt put it on the list.
  • High Fives by Suburban Legends
    suburban legends are big too, i tried to keep it as big name and general as possible save for bahmm and 3 minute hero because they're adorable alright.
  • F Minus; Uncollected Works by Minute Hero
    I saw these guys live. They were incredible. They were so happy to be there, they wet my pants.
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