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Orionsbelt's Super Cluster

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I've just put the proper Jamie Cullum track in at track five. Not sure how that other one got in there - it wasn't even him. Oops!
So now it is as it always should have been.
Life without music would B♭
Live long and prosper.

Thanks for your comments. Apologies for huge delay!!!
1) Listening to a good recording of "Ships in the Night" on a decent Hi-Fi system is recommended.
2) Yo-Yo Ma is a maestro at work, making the most of this superb composition by Morricone. Makes me wish I'd stuck at playing the 'cello for longer.
3) "Better Off Dead is another track that needs to be heard on a good Hi-Fi system at decent volume levels. Although the CD version is good, the vinyl LP version is unbeatable. The star part being the echoing distorted drum sound.
4) Yes are a favourite group of mine. Don't Kill the Whale is a classic short and pithy tune. Steve Howes guitar lifts it above the crowd.
5) Jamie Cullum is a highly talented individual - class!
6) Angel Station is a superb album, worth listening to from start to finish. Probably my favourite MMEB album. The others are worth seeking out though.
7) Moody Blues are a group that have produced a fantastic catalogue of albums over many years. I've bought back their CDs to add to my vinyl copies. This track "Your Wildest Dreams comes from their 1986 album "The Other Side of Life". My favourite early 'must hear' album of theirs is "On the Threshold of a Dream". Their "A Question of Balance" album is another highlight of their career for me.
8) Be Bop Deluxe are featured again. Bill Nelson is originally from the same locality as me so I have followed his career with great interest. I really rate the Be Bop Deluxe albums. This is another track to listen to on good equipment.
9) Hall and Oates produced some great tracks. This live version of Wait for Me catches the breath. These blokes have talent in bucketfuls.
Enjoy your music.

Absolutely love Gabriel's oboe, what a beautiful piece - will need to download to my own music library pronto. More of this please!

I've heard various versions of this tune, all of them enchanting. I picked YoYo Ma as I really admire his 'cello playing. I took thie instrument up in my youth and never got anywhere near his level.

Like the tracks in this comp. New to this site. Unfortunately can't do my own comps at moment due to having flashplayer 10. Can't believe that on one of my first looks I've found a comp with Don't Kill It Carol. What a great LP from, what 78 /79. Some other good tracks on that as well. I'll try to get into this site. Geoffg

Yes, I'ce a few Manfred Mann's earth Band albums - I bought them back on CD. To those who've not come accross them before Angel Station is a great album of theirs if you just want to have one to represent their work.