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Orionsbelt's Second Sojourn

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Second Sojourn track running order: 1) "Sylvia" - This has a great guitar part, it's a Focus classic! 2) "The Logical Song" is a Supertramp favourite with Roger Hodgson taking the lead vocals.3) Zappa produced some weird stuff. "Peaches En Regalis" is from the 1969 album Hot Rats. It's classed as Jazz Fusion. Frank liked this tune - he used it a lot when on tour. 4)"Do You Feel Like I Do?": a live masterpiece from Peter Frampton. This 'Frampton Comes Alive!' version of the song was recorded at the State University of New York's Plattsburgh Memorial Hall. This is a remarkable track with Frampton making great use of the talk box which is an effects pedal which redirects a guitar's sound through a tube into the performer's mouth, allowing the guitar to mimic human speech. Mindst you this bloke could make a guitar talk in other ways too. The big cheer of anticipation tells you when the talk box is about to be used. 5) "Wonderful Land" is a track from multi-talented Mike Oldfield. It was included on his album QE2, one of my favourites 6) "Drift Away" became Dobie Gray's biggest hit charting in 1973 7) "Eight Days A Week" comes from the short and sweet part of the Beatles career. It's a gem of a song. Perfect in lots of ways: uncomplicated, great harmonies and that great but short intro. 8) "Father and Son" is one of Cat Stevens biggest hits and has a story to tell. 9) "Sweet Dreams" is a Yes track which comes from their early album Time and a Word