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Mascara Stained Pillows

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hey thanks btw. :) and i got on there and just couldnt figure out what to do. :/ but you just made it clear to me! haha thank you so much. and im feeling better besides of my week. but thats all over now lol.

hey sorry i havent been on my laptop to reply!! that sucks about the heartbreak thing, I'm rly sorry to hear, i get how horrible it is though (hence why it was easy for me to make this mix haha) and thanks :)

its p easy to make a mix, like y'see your little icon on the top bar of the website, hover over it and click "create mix" and it p much explains how to do it for you once you're there. what is it exactly your stuck on angel?? xx

i love this. im going through two situations right now... heartbreak and crush who im getting mixed signals from because my heart is broken now