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I Hope It Helps


when i'm feeling angry or sad or frustrated or anything other than a blissful nothing, i think about cole. i think about what he'd say and how he'd help.

for the spirit who wants to bandage and soothe and salve. a conglomeration of spoken word, actual words from cole, instrumental/uninstrumental sweet songs to spread self-awareness and kinship with your heart and your head. for what helps me, and i hope helps you.

art: likatnes.tumblr.com

Like all my playlists: subject to editing.

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7 comments on I Hope It Helps

This is a fantastic playlist; it makes me so emotional ahhh!! i do have a question if you don't mind; did you make the track "Cole: Help" yourself? i seriously need a compilation of cole in my music library lol

@pixeldear ah, dear friend! i'm sorry for the delay i didn't see this! that track is actually not of my own design. it is by the user DanaDuchy (now that you mention it i should put credit in there, that's entirely my fault.) and you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=12&v=rWBZedqoDrE. hope this helps!

@morning-dewdrop it makes me really warm to read this. these songs are all very close to my heart so i'm so, so glad that they've helped you! thank you so much for telling me!