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Tevinter's Shame


1/1/16: I Finally Edited This Piece of Shit Please Listen To This.

if you didnt think i loved dorian/flower imagery: How about now fuckers.

please protect this tevinter child. someone also help him learn that slavery is not fucking okay. Anyways.

art: smooskin.tumblr.com

8 tracks
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Another great playlist! Your lists are so well-thought-out and appropriate for the characters, while surprising me with some unexpected but (sometimes painfully) accurate songs. All the Dragon Age feels today omg. They've made my workday go by easier, though. :) I look forward to checking out the last couple of remaining ones tomorrow!

@TheFontBandit literally the nicest... i don't even know what to say! i'm so glad they keep the workflow from clogging up too much!! again, i really appreciate all the comments. they mean a lot to me!! i'm so glad you like all of them!