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✪ unbreakable bond ✪


❝ yoυ нυrт one нaιr on нιѕ нead-- ! ❞

playlist for these two fucking life ruiners


youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9py3V_FQkXFf1Jbd7W7Fb3mM-FRXVl_K

on tumblr: http://sweetbreezees.tumblr.com/post/122690674710/yo-r-one-a-r-on-ead-one-republic

  • This Song Saved My Life by A_Bizzle_89
    tails POV ✪ because of you my life has a purpose // you helped me be who i am today
  • One Republic by Something I Need
    both POV ✪ in this world full of people there's one killing me // and if we only die once // i wanna die with you
  • Sonic Colors Speak With Your Heart by Sonic el erizo
    both POV ✪ no words could say how much i care // together we can take a stand
  • Song For A Friend by jason mraz cover
    sonic to tails POV ✪ you got all the skill you need // individuality // you got something // you call it gumption // you call it anything you want // because when you play the fool now // you're only fooling everyone else // you're learning to love yourself
  • Jason Mraz (Cover por Davish) by Best Friend
    both POV ✪ and I know my life is better // because you’re a part of it // i know without you by my side // that I would be different
  • Count on Me by Bruno Mars
    both POV ✪ if you're tossin' and you're turnin' // and you just can't fall asleep // i'll sing a song beside you // and if you ever forget how much you really mean to me // every day I will remind you
  • Imagine Dragons (Best quality!) by Bleeding Out
    sonic POV ✪ when your eyes are red // and emptiness is all you know // with the darkness fed // i will be your scarecrow
  • Alone Together by Fall Out Boy
    classic!tails POV ✪ i'm outside the door, invite me in // so we can go back and play pretend // i'm on deck, yeah, I'm up next // tonight I'm high as a private jet
  • Say You Like Me by We the Kings
    both POV ✪ we glue our bones // and find our hope // there’s nothing left to hide
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